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Boutique Marketing Agency in Orlando specializing in content, event, influencer marketing and social media management for beauty, fashion and lifestyle brands.


Social media marketing has become so common that many brands have forgotten how crucial it is. Here’s the deal: Your audience is going to discuss your brand on their social media channels whether you’re active there or not. Be part of that conversation. Guide that conversation. Let us shape your audience’s perception of your brand!




For brands looking to dominate in a niche, image-centric network, Instagram offers a huge opportunity. When it comes to connecting with an audience that’s hungry for style tips and products, Instagram is the most direct portal, and it’s won the hearts of 34% of web users and growing, with no signs of slowing down! We've also implemented scheduled Instastories as an added method of exposure!


Our approach: Using your assets and ours, we create Instagram posts that appeal to beauty, fashion and lifestyle lovers—posts they’ll like, comment on and share. Posts or Stories are created in advance so you have the opportunity to view and approve them, and then scheduled to go live on selected days and times. Get our free quick LUXE Instaguide now!




Some marketing consultants will tell you that Facebook is fading, but we know it’s still the emperor of social media. More web users are on Facebook than any other channel, and they’re active. Make sure your brand is at the center of the Facebook universe.


Our approach: Utilizing Facebook Pages and Ads, we’ll connect with your ideal audience. Facebook offers specific demographic advertising options that allow you to reach the right people.




For your brand to lead, you need to be connected with leaders. Most of the social media channels we engage on your behalf are focused on an audience of shoppers, but Linkedin is the platform for establishing a community of professionals who can support your brand and help you build your business.


Our approach: Our posts for Linkedin are delivered in a professional voice that increases your visibility within your industry. Posts to Linkedin are less frequent, but powerful and effective.




Twitter can seem like a vast ocean of content, and unless you know how to swim in it, you’re not going to make an impression. That’s the downside. The upside: Twitter is the channel for in-the-moment commentary, and we can help you engage conversations about beauty, fashion and all things luxe as they unfold.


Our approach: Because of our #hashtag prowess and proven strategies for growing your following, we can help your brand rise to the top.


More social media channels coming soon! 


We're guessing by now you're pretty interested in our social media management, so we've created three LUXE plans to get your business off the ground with increased online and social presence; essentially, increasing your bottom line. Don't know where to start? Then click the link to contact us or book your LUXE One-ON-One today! 


Or if you’re ready to get started (we see that twinkle in your eye!) find out what plan and pricing suit your needs best here. Plus, our plans are customizable. Also, by subscribing to our LUXE list for special offers on our monthly plans, which will engage and delight your fans as well as earn you new ones!


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LOOKLIVELUXE Group, A Beauty, Fashion and Lifestyle marketing agency in Orlando.

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