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Boutique Marketing Agency in Orlando specializing in content, event, influencer marketing and social media management for beauty, fashion and lifestyle brands.


You’ve got a product to promote. It’s pretty. Gorgeous, in fact. Or you

might have an event you need to publicize. It’s fun. No, not just fun...

exhilarating! It’s the kind of thing people need to know about.


That’s where LOOKLIVELUXE comes in. While you’re busy building

an empire, we’ll support you with a full suite of marketing and consulting

services: branding strategy, social media management, content marketing,

event planning and more. And we’re not like other marketing consultants

and agencies that adopt a scattershot approach, working with a range of

clients in lots of different industries. Instead, we’re laser-focused on what

we know best: beauty, fashion, and lifestyle brands. Founder, Creative

Director, and Lead Marketing Consultant Val Decena brings a keen eye,

industry contacts, and insider knowledge to her influencer marketing and

visual content strategy. Her education (MBA in Marketing), years of 

entrepreneurial experience and a background working in each industry has given her the edge needed to solve the problems you face in your business. Learn more about our services that will elevate and grow your brand here!



Our Founder & Creative Director

Your Lead Marketing Consultant

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LOOKLIVELUXE Group, A Beauty, Fashion and Lifestyle marketing agency in Orlando.

 Boutique Marketing For Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle Brands

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